Stepping into the Darkness

"You must learn to walk to the edge of the light, and then a few steps into the darkness, then the light will appear and show you the way before you."

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Lighthouse on the Hill

Last week-end we went to the Oregon Coast.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  A perfect day to take a hike.  We chose the Heceta Head Lighthouse as our destination.  It's about 1/2 mile up the headland from the parking lot.  1/2 mile may not sound like much to most of you that routinely run/walk 3+ miles at a time.  Since Greg's back surgery those kind of hikes haven't been realistic for him .  But he did it!  Slow and steady and with a lot of encouragement from the two little grandsons that were with us.  It was a good day. 

I've been thinking about that lighthouse a lot this week.  It was built in 1893.  For more than 100 years it has stood strong on that rocky, wind battered headland shining light in the darkness, helping ships triangulate it's position, keeping others from crashing on the rocks.  The light from that lighthouse can be seen 21 miles out to sea.

Matthew 5 says:  "Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."   Our guide in the lighthouse said that some wonder about why this lighthouse is built where it is.  Just a few miles down the road there is another lighthouse that sits on a much higher hill,  The light from that one can only be seen about 12 miles out.  The difference is the curvature of the earth.  The Heceta lighthouse can be seen farther BECAUSE it isn't set as high.

How can we let our light shine in a way that will lead others to "glorify our Father?"  I think we do it by our good works, by living the Gospel, by keeping our covenants.  We don't have to be higher to than those around us, in fact, we might be more efficient if we aren't.  To lift others we have to be able to reach them.  We can't do that if we put ourselves way above them. 

Everyday I see young, humble, unlearned missionaries shine their lights so that people see them from afar.  They do that by loving, serving, teaching and walking among those they want to share the gospel with.  And they SHINE so bright that you can pick them out of a crowd.   They are a great example to me.  I watch them teach others - help them triangulate their position in the world.  They teach them to avoid the rocky shores and set a course of safety.  It is amazing!  and Wonderful!  I hope I can be a lighthouse too!